Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Country stuff

At first I thought that Country Cream was a little much with the overload of floral and pinks, but you'll actually find some really cute things here too.

Like this egg crate. But are you supposed to leave the eggs out at room temperature like this? Maybe if you live on a farm and they're fresh from the hen its ok. Sigh...dreams of Fodder Feeder Farm....
Did you know that a hen lays an egg every 24-36 hours?
This key rack is very cute, and could very easily be made yourself. I like all of the skeleton keys they have displayed here.
You can never have enough dolly pegs.
If only I had a compost heap. I could put it right behind my little backyard nook (see previous post).

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Todd said...

I have enough dolly pegs.