Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in PA

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Life has been keeping me busy. November and December especially have been the busiest months ever. I felt like they would never end and it is only now on the 21st of December that I feel like I finally have a minute to sit down and post. I wish I had pics for documentation but I guess I just haven't been taking the time to get the old point-and-shoot out. So instead, i'll make a boring bulleted list of things that have happened and things that will happen in the future..
  • Holiday Fair season is over! So happy about this because it stresses me out.
  • I started making jewelry focusing mainly on chains. I love getting my Mr. T on with big chains.
  • I'm going home for Christmas in a few days and excited for the forced break in PA.
  • I'm planning my Spring collection for Mary Savel which I'm excited to announce will include a crocheted top, jewelry, and hopefully many more totally awesome surprises.
2011 will be my year.
I hope.
Oh, I'd also like to note, that I still have some awesome stuff up on my Vintage Etsy site!
Yo, check out this cat. He is so cute.
Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Smileys Yarn Sale

Um, so I went to the Smileys Yarn Riot Sale the other day at the Holiday Inn in Midtown Manhattan (a lot of really weird things going on in that statement) and snapped these really good quality pics. I was definitely in the minority age-wise, but I was NOT in the minority gender-wise.
All weirdness aside, I got a really good deal on 100% wool...10 skeins for $15! What?!
Yea, get there.
I'm making a sweater for myself with it. Pics to come!