Friday, July 11, 2008

Bird Mobile.

So, I finally assembled my bird mobile last night. I've had the little birdies made for a while. Boopi and I made them together one Friday night while we drank wine in the sweltering heat. (Friday was supposed to become make-stuff-night after that, but it has not) He cut all the fabric pieces while I sewed most of them(he tried his hand at sewing one, it was a special birdie). Then there was an assembly line of stuffing, closing up the tails, and attaching a string to their backs so they would be able to fly far, far away. It was a fun project, I'd probably do it again. I also thought it would be cool to enlarge the pattern, make the birds out of black fabric and then use them as accent pillows or something weird to be placed on the bookcase.
I got the pattern from Spool, which is an awesome site.
Here are my slightly blurry pics.

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Sarah said...

Iris loves her mobile! Thank you so much for doing this for her. Its such a special gift that I will save for her to give to her children one day too.