Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had been taking a relaxing few days break from sewing to get organized and do some sketching, but this morning I sat back down to my two favorite machines: 1935 black Singer and Elna 344 serger. I was working on a new piece and decided to test out a simple new elastic trick on an old dress from the Summer. And who cares because the Summer is out of here, right?
Elastic! I love elastic.

The test dress was roomy and cute before but I wanted it to have a gathered waist. I sewed the elastic around the waist stretching it as I went and Voila.

It was the first time trying this so there are a few mistakes but that's ok. Anything can be fixed. I was nervous to do it before, I guess because of uneven gathers and puckering but as long as you are consistent as you go, it's fine and pretty easy. Another trick that made for easier work was to sew the elastic in before sewing the 2nd side. By doing this, you have a nice flat surface, as opposed to a tube, to work on.
And this is the finished piece that I mentioned before. Ta-da. I might make this my Morticia Addams Halloween I-dont-feel-like-wearing-a-costume costume.

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