Monday, March 30, 2009


Omg, i'm totally disgusted and amazed at the same time with what I found in my sewing machine! I decided to finally clean this puppy out with the little brush that it came with and oil her up since the last time that I had done so was like, well never. My fault, shame shame, I know. Look what I found! It doesn't look like much, but that entire clump was jammed between those two rings inside the inter-workings of my lovely Brother XL-3100. Spring cleaning is now totally complete. Have you begun yours yet?

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EvaForeva said...

Hi there!
I just came accross your store and loved the work your do. I think we have similar style. Man! How do you unscrew your machine like that and put it back all in order? I need to do that. I have the same machine too :)