Thursday, October 16, 2008

Farm on a Roof

A sustainable rooftop garden in Little Italy...I did not want this slide show to end! It's pretty incredible... the family who lives and maintains the garden, I think it's more of a small farm than a garden, enjoy home grown bananas, lemons, and berries, they've had a bee colony and enjoyed the honey it produced, they have wild flowers and trees which attract butterflies and birds, and they have chickens! So amazing.


Sepiru Chris said...


Pretty great site. I have read/looked it through, and will continue to come back. And yes, that rooftop garden/home is pretty amazing.

Thanks for putting this all "out here".

:) Chris

Michael said...

Hello Mary!
I am a supplier for the green roof materials that make these possible. Any idea of whom I can contact to possibly earn their business??