Monday, June 30, 2008


Ikea Brooklyn, some are fans, some are not. I spent a fantastic five hours there yesterday. Thats right, FIVE hours. The day started with two 50cent hotdogs from the marketplace cafe area inside. The first was fantastic the second, not so great.

Bunnie and I went through the Ikea about 3 different times. Once by ourselves, then once when Tim got there, and finally once again when pookie got there. Afterwards we had a bite to eat at the cafeteria. The meatballs were tasty.

I did not end up not getting my mirror or bed (see previous post), but did get storage boxes, two lamp shades, and a set of cute nesting tables. I will get my mirror on the next trip.

-->Storage boxes over my closet. I'll place my Winter clothes in here in the Summer, and my Summer clothes in here in the Winter.

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thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i hate ikea stuff these days, but i do like the slightly fancier storage style of 'crate and barrel.' . i found a whole slew of those linen lined baskets on on ebay for 99 cents!! so excited!

also, have you seen this show "clean house"? i have embarrassingly become obsessed with it. i only divulge that secret to a select few, so shhhh.